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Note: Pro Formance Goalie Schools reserves the right to reschedule or regroup players according to enrollment and availability. Full registration fees are due upon registration and cancellations are subject to a $100 cancellation fee - as well - any cancellations within 7 days is camp credit only. Our administrator will contact you within 48 hours according to your contact information provided to obtain payment information. Students are required to attend all sessions as no makeup classes will be provided unless authorized by PFGS Inc.

Only a limited number of students accepted per session! It is highly recommended that students book their sessions as soon as possible. All previous schools have been booked to capacity


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WAIVER: I understand and I / my child / my ward agree(s) that Pro Formance Goalie Schools, it's instructors, the ice hockey arenas and it's employees will not be liable or held responsible for any accident or loss however caused and agree to release all mentioned parties from all claims and damages. I further verify that I / my child / my ward have no medical conditions that would preclude my participation in any training sessions and that the above mentioned parties will not be held responsible for any medical, dental, or insurance claims resulting from injury. I further understand and I / my child / my ward agree(s) that while in attendance at any PFGS camps photos and / or videos may be taken which may be used for promotional purposes. These photos / videos become the exclusive property of PFGS Inc.


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