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The hockey community is always on top of who’s hot and who’s not and who the best trainers and coaches are. Over the last number of years we have been consistently booked to capacity for all of the programs we offer and as hard as we try, we aren’t always able to respond to all the calls and e-mails we receive. All of our Instructors are kept incredibly busy conducting on ice training sessions when they’re not playing for their own teams, and the chief instructors are constantly on the go from one training session to the next. Calling or e-mailing our administrator is the best source for information, and most often will result in the quickest reply.


Contact Policy

PFGS has established a policy whereby parents or students are welcome to speak with individual instructors about the student’s progress following classes (subject to instructor availability) but would request that any concerns with program content or instructors teaching techniques be directed to Rob or Sean personally.


Click to e-mail Sean Murray or call him on his cell at 604-375-9745


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Click to e-mail Jordan Sigalet or call him on his cell at 1-740-751-2804 or at 1-604-302-6955


Click to e-mail Joey Ali or call him on his cell at 604-614-3619